You can follow the below tutorial for streaming on VLC player on Windows, Mac OS and Linux: 
Stream with VLC
1- By opening the m3u link into your browser you can download the m3u file and directly open the file with VLC,
2- You can indirectly open the m3u file by going to File + Open Network + Paste the m3u link in URL Text Box “URL” and Click on Open.
A list of all Channels and VODs will be loaded.
In case of any question or problem feel free to contact us:
Note: You can download the VLC Player from here:
  • Obtain both the M3U and EPG URLs provided by your IPTV service.
  • Install Perfect Player through the Amazon App store if using a Fire TV or Stick or through Google Play Store if using Android TV Box, tablet, or phone
  • Open Perfect Player and click settings icon and then click General tab
  • Input both the M3U URL and EPG URL while replacing the x’s with your user-name and password
  • Exit to home screen of Perfect Player and both channels and EPG should be populating
  • Refer to video above for in-depth explanation of various features YouTube link:

1.Download the right plugin corresponding to your device’s CPU architecture

“Mips32el” is used for the most boxes. Example VU zero, Vu Duo, Zgemma and mostly above openpli 4 boxes or new images.

“Mipsel” is used for old boxes dm800 clones with old openpli 2.1

“sh4” is used for boxes like spark

“armv7a” is used by new boxes like vu 4k and gigablue sf4008

for other devices please search

2.Connect your device with a LAN cable to your PC

3.Download PuTTY

4.Connect to your device with telnet protocol in PuTTY and run one of these commands (depends on the CPU architecture)

5.Connect your device to a monitor(TV) and run the plugin

and give us the MAC address

6.Restart your device

FYI : To uninstall the plugin, run this command

opkg remove XtreamTV

Stream with GSE IPTV Player Android & IOS and Android Boxes.

For the GSE IPTV Player, you need to do the below setups to get access,

1- Open the application and go to REMOTE + Xtream-Codes API

2- Click on + inside the circle.

3- on Any Name, it’s your choice you can name it our service Prestige Prime TV.

4- in the please write this:

5- Next please write your username which is included in the m3u line we have sent to you.


6- At the end, you need to write your line password which I already show you in bold letters in the above link carefully check the link you can see username= &password= in the link

in case of any issue feel free to reply us and ask your question:

After you received your m3u link please copy the link and follow the below method to get run our service.

1- Open your Kodi APP go to Add-ons + Click on My Add-ons + Click on PVR Clients + Scroll down and choose PVR IPTV Simple Client.

2- You will see a Configure Button and Enable Button, please go to Configure + In General Menu, Location choose Remote Path (Internet Access) & in the Below text box paste the m3u URL you received than click OK and you will go back to previous menu now please click on Enable to make the Add-ons Enable.

3- Now it will ask you to restart the Kodi, to do this please go back to the Home menu by clicking on Back or Esc button on your keyboard and at the end click on the Power symbol “logo” on the top corner in the left and choose Exit.

4- Open the Kodi app again and go to Home and TV Icon the main menu and open the channel list please be patient, Kodi will download the latest channel list + EPG & Channels Logo.

In case of any question or problem feel free to contact us:

Note: You can download the latest version of KODI from this URL:

Please choose the correct package according to your hardware architecture.

  • Turn off your box from the electricity and then turn it back on.
  • When you get to the loading image, press your set/setup? button on your remote. this will bring you to the ?inner portal
  • Press your set/setup button again. the go to servers.
  • Change portal url 1 to the new portal by pressing the kb button and typing the address you were given
  • Press the kb button again and press ok, then you will be returned to the previous screen
  • Go to reload portal and press ok when prompted. INSERT OUR SERVER URL: (sent via mail |

If your device cannot get the EPG service automatically you need to follow the below tutorial to make your EPG line and import it to your device.

If you are using Enigma2 or Mag devices, you dont need EPG source, all channel’s EPG will show you automatically!

If you are using any software or app like Kodi, Perfect Player or another software on Android, Apple tv what else, you need to use the following methods to get the XML file of EPG:


Note: Also the XXXX should replace with your username and password.

1- You need to downoad STB emulator from the Play Store 

This is the download link:

2-Once you download and installed the App, you need to open it and go to Settings, 

3- Select Profile from the menu 

4- And create a new profile and then select STB Configuration, There you can see MAC-address option with a virtual mac address already created by the STB Emulator, now you can use that for registering with our service or you can enter your Android Box original Wifi or Ethernet MAC address in this menu and save it, 

5- Once you registered your device with our service you need to register our portal also with your STB Emulator, Please again to go settings, Portal Settings and click on Portal URL there you should write our STB portal which is received in your email Inbox. 

6- That is it, reload the STB Emulator and wait for few seconds until the channel list appear. 

You can have IPTV on your Smart TV with OTT Player and Smart IPTV App, and Smart STB, 

But our recommendation is Smart IPTV App, because it is more user friendly and Always up to date, so here is how you can use IPTV with Smart IPTV APP on any Smart TV or Android TV and Even Amazon Fire Stick: 

1- First you should download the Smart IPTV App from your Smart TV Store, 

Please note for the first time download, you will have 7 days trial access, It will cost you after 7 days 5.49 EURO FEE. 

2- Secondly you need to activate the TV Mac Address so when you open the App you will see the mac address, Just note the mac address somewhere and visit their Smart IPTV APP website for MAC address activation:, and active your Smart TV MAC address, 

3- Now we have to add the m3u play list to our Smart IPTV App, this process can be done online from a computer web browser easily, Just visit you need to write your activated MAC address and the m3u_plus line you have received in the related box and click on save online and click on Upload. 

4- At the end reboot your TV and wait for 5 minutes until the service gets ready. 

Please during the first boot don’t touch any button and let the list completely download. 

Please note: the EPG and Logos for channels will come automatically once you done the complete process, don’t forget with m3u line you can get the EPG and logos you need the m3u_plus link.